The annual Lochcarron Highland Games are organised and run by the Lochcarron Highland Games Association. 


The proceeds from the Games are used to provide support for local organisations and groups. The Games also provide an opportunity for local groups to raise their own funds by running stalls and sideshows. So please support them as well as watching all the events on the games field. 

Over the last few years we have been proud to support the following organisations:


Lochcarron Primary Parent Council

Lochcarron Playgroup

Lochcarron Primary School

Plockton High School

Lochcarron Good Neighbours

Lochcarron School Board

Lochcarron Mother and Toddler Group

Howard Doris Centre

Lochcarron Drama Society

Lochcarron Youth Maritime Trust

Lochcarron Shinty Club

Lochcarron Sailing Club

Lochcarron Flower Festival

Lochcarron Village Hall Fund

Macmillan Cancer Support

Lochcarron Writing Club

Lochcarron Community Development Company

Kirkton Woodland Heritage Fund

Lochcarron Guy Fawkes Fireworks

and several village residents

The Lochcarron Highland Games Association are proud to say that since 2004 they have awarded over £25,000 to local organisations. 

Help us to continue our support of organisations in the area.

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Trim Trail at the Lochcarron Primary School made possible with the help of the Lochcarron Highland Games

Trim Trail at the Lochcarron Primary School made possible with the help of the Lochcarron Highland Games


The following is taken from the Alba Games website - a major resource for information about Highland Games events in Scotland. They have a section called 'My Favourite Games' where a thrower, retired heavy or judge will give an opinion on their favourite games and this piece is used with their kind permission.  

Lochcarron Highland Games by Donald McBain

Lochcarron has one of the most amazing landscapes in the World, who could have mapped into abstraction such an area of outstanding natural beauty that is contained within this area? This is a beautiful land we live in and Lochcarron let's you know it.

The games is a kind of olde world type and if you close your eyes to savour the atmosphere you could open them again having been transferred 500 years back in time. The games is quite small compared to some of the others and is well worth a visit, they have a full itinerary of events from the Heavy Events, Track and Field, Tug o' war, the hill race - which incidentally crosses a river, Piping, Highland Dancing, Kids events and even clay pigeon shooting.  It is held each year on the third Saturday in July.  The games are held in Locharron, which is a small fishing village along the shore of Loch Carron.

After the Games take the old drove road to Applecross over Bealach na Bà and experience the sheer ruggedness and beauty of the Applecross Hills. This provides an entertaining trip with hairpin bends and gradients as steep as 1 in 5 in some sections. It is the third highest public road in Britain and reaches over 2000 feet. It is not suitable for learner drivers, coaches, caravans or the faint-hearted! However it is well worth the drive for the stunning views.

The games start in the morning with local events, and as in most games the locals will continue throwing in the open competition that starts at 1pm. 

Why do I like Lochcarron? Well who could dislike such a place as this?  If you ain't been to Lochcarron Games you ain't lived!

Lochcarron Games 3rd Saturday in July

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