To Comply with UK Legislation about the use of Drones

The gamers Committee have examined the current UK legislation and feel that it would be illegal to use a Drone at the Lochcarron Highland Games. This is for the following reason:

“It is forbidden to fly a drone over a congested area or with 150ft of a person, vehicle or building not under your control.”

Anyone found flying a drone will be ejected from the Games.

Come and see Speyside Falconry at the Lochcarron Highland Games, 20th July


We are a small family run business in the heart of Speyside. We are not a public centre and working on a bookings only basis we provide personal flying experiences which you can pre-book, and we welcome bookings from camera clubs and students for photography days, for groups, and organisations we can come to you.

Having had a lifelong passion for birds of prey Speyside falconry is the realisation of our dream.

Although we have family and other work commitments we are fully commited to our birds and pride ourselves on the care and attention they recieve, we work hard to ensure we are successful in everything we do.

We are very profesional and approachable people and have a wealth of practical experience, we are excited at the prospect of helping people to learn more about Birds of prey and the skills of falconry