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 100 Metres:

1st - Anthony Daffurn  (Airdrie)          11.98 Seconds

Ladies 100 Metres: 

1st – Katie Charles                       15.96 seconds

 200 Metres:

1st – Anthony Daffurn              25.59 Seconds

Ladies 200 Metres:

1st – Katie Charles                      35.53 seconds

400 Metres:

1st – Finlay Murray                     59.54 Seconds

Ladies 400 Metres:

1st – Katie Charles                       1 Min 46 Seconds

800 Metres (British Championship):

1st – Finlay Murray                    2 Min 12 Seconds


Our grateful thanks to all those who provided prizes for the Grand Raffle, see page 31 and/or donated prize money or advertised in this programme

The Games Committee would like to thank the following for supporting this year’s event by providing material assistance:

AKVA Group (Scotland) Ltd for loan of generator

DMK Motors for providing bus service between Lochcarron & Attadale

Tel: 01520 722682 

Frank Nicol Farm & Garden Machinery for loan of grasscutter Strathpeffer Road, Dingwall

Tel: 01349 863854

Graham Gordon for donation of case of Black Bottle Whisky

Howard Doris Centre for providing facilities for committee meetings

Ian Jeck MacKenzie for testing electrical equipment. Lochcarron

Tel: 07909 985 840

Jewsons, Broadford for providing sand for the long jump

Tel: 01471 822602

K G Cameron Contractors & Cameron Carriers for transport Achintee, Strathcarron

Tel: 01520 722450

Kishorn Mechanical Services for loan of generator

Tel: 01520 733261

Lochcarron Food Centre for ordering and supplying drinks for the bar

Lochcarron Garage for provision of gas Main Street, Lochcarron

Tel: 01520 722205

Lochcarron Hotel for feeding the Ullapool and District Junior Pipeband after the Games

Tel: 01520 722226

Lochcarron Weavers for provision of decorative tartan North Strome, Lochcarron

Tel: 01520 722212

M MacKenzie, Contractor for marking out the Games eld Croft Road, Lochcarron

Tel: 01520 722460

Roger Stonebridge, Engineering Surveyor for setting out athletics track. 

Tel 01520 722435

Sheildaig Export for refrigerated van

The Scottish Salmon Company for provision of salmon, ice and manpower Scottish Sea Farms for provision of bowser

West End Garage for provision of gas Lochcarron

Tel: 01520 722329 

Track and Field Events Start Today at 12:15

12:15 100 metre Races

100 metres Open - Prize Money Rj McLeod

100 metres Ladies - Prize Money Rj McLeod

100 metres Boys (12-15)

100 metres Girls (12-15)

12:35 Open High Jump - Prize Money Mt Taylor

12:55 Open 800 Metres (British Championship)

13:00 Boys (12-15) 600 Metres - Prize Money Loch Dubh Masonry

13:05 Girls (12-15) 600 Metres - Prize Money Loch Dubh B&B

13:55 Open 400 Metres - Prize money Lochcarron Food Centre

14:00 Ladies 400 Metres - prize money from Lyndy’s Laundry

14:10 Open Long Jump

14:15 200 Metre Races -

200 Metres Open - prize money from Mr & Mrs Troup

200 Metres Ladies

200 Metres Boys -

200 Metres Girls -

14:40 Open Triple Jump

15:00 Hill Race

The Open Hill Race - prize money from New Lodge, New Kelso

The Ladies Hill Race - prize money from Major Tom & Nicholas Wills

The Veterans Hill Race - prize money from Lochcarron Weavers Shop

The Junior Hill Race - prize money from Gibson Fleming

(Hill Race competitors must register by 14:30. A safety limit of 60 runners is imposed)

16:10 Open 1600 Metres

16:25 4 x 100 Metres Relay - prize money from Lochcarron Bistro

16:30 Tug O' War - prize money from Ferguson Transport

(Tug O' War teams must register by 15:30 pm)

TBA - Haggis Hurl (Open, Ladies, Junior) -

** All Timings are approximate **

Hill Race Starts Today at 15:00

The Hill Race starts at 15:00 today, register by 14:30 to enter this event. The current record stands at 19min 10sec for the Open event. A Liston achieved this time in 2009, let's see if we can better it this year.

12:40 Open Shot

13:10 Open Heavy Shot

13:40 Open Light Hammer

14:10 Open Heavy Hammer

14:40 Open Light Weight for Distance

15:10 Open Heavy Weight for Distance

15:40 Open Weight for Height (British Championship)

16:10 Open Caber

Caber Challenge

** All Timings are approximate **