Heavy Event Results 2013

Open Shot              

1st  Murray Gunn (Halkirk) 41ft 1in;

2nd John Fyvie (Aboyne);

3rd Gary Hagan (Clydebank)  

Open Heavy Shot              

1st  Gary Hagan 34ft 7.5in;

2nd Murray Gunn;

3rd Alasdair Gunn (Halkirk)

Open Hammer                        

1st  Alisdair Gunn 115ft 1in;

2nd John Fyvie;

3rd Gary Hagan

Open Heavy Hammer                        

1st  Alisdair Gunn 94ft 6.5in;

2nd Gary Hagan;

3rd John Fyvie

Open Weight for Distance                        

1st  Murray Gunn 64ft 8in;

2nd Gary Hagan;

3rd John Fyvie

Open Heavy Weight for Distance                        

1st  Murray Gunn 35ft 1.5in;

2nd Peter Hart;

3rd Gary Hagan

British Championship Weight for Height                    

1st Peter Hart (Blackwater)  13ft 6in;

2nd Gary Hagan;

3rd Murray Gunn


1st Murray Gunn;

2nd Peter Hart;

3rd Alasdair Gunn

Best Overall Heavy      Murray Gunn (28 points)    

Champion of the Day     Murray Gunn

(GR) indicates a Ground Record


Track Event Results 2013


An amazing day on the track as ground records (GR) were set or equalled in every event except the 800 Metres. The Triple jump record was beaten by over 2 ft and 9 inches and the winning leap in the Long Jump was half an inch short of the ground record.

Open 100 Metres

1st Antony Daffurn (Glasgow)  11.3 (GR);

2nd  Fraser MacDonald (Dingwall);

3rd  Ross MacDonald (Dingwall)

Open 200 Metres

1st Allan Scott (East Kilbride) 23.6 (=GR);

2nd  Fraser MacDonald;

3rd  Ross MacDonald

Open 400 Metres

1st  Allan Scott 54.0 (GR);

2nd  Finlay Murray (Tain);

3rd  Ross MacDonald

Open 800 Metres

1st  Michael Deason (New Mexico/Glasgow) 2:18; 2nd  Finlay Murray;

3rd  Donald Bradley (Inverness)

Open 1600 Metres

1st  Michael Deason 4:50 (GR);

2nd Finlay Murray;

3rd  Fraser MacDonald

Open High Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 1.70m;

=2nd Donald Bradley/Ross MacDonald;

3rd Fraser MacDonald

Open Long Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 20ft 3.5in;

2nd Fraser MacDonald;

3rd Donald Bradley

Open Triple Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 45ft 10in (GR);

2nd Allan Scott;

3rd Ross MacDonald

Open Hill Race

1st Michael Deason 21:23;

2nd  Andrew Wilby (Maryburgh) 23:40;

3rd  William Garrick 24:44

Veterans Hill Race

1st Robert MacNair 24:22; 

2nd  Andrea Perracine (Italy) 25:49;

3rd  Colin Murdoch 27:33

Ladies Hill Race

1st  Sue Wood 26:47;

2nd Christine Menhennet 32:45;

3rd  Sheila Thompson 34:41

Junior Hill Race 

1st  Alisdair Coupar (Rogart) 23:43;

2nd Andrew Burnett 27:01;

3rd Catriona Gordon 27:43

Best Track Athlete         Antony Daffurn

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