Report and Results from Lochcarron Highland Games Hill Race 2014

Please find below the results of the Hill race which I have collated. I don’t have times for three people who registered, they may not have started, however, if we missed them as they came in I extend may apologies, however not having a time doesn’t distract from a fabulous achievement for all those who completed the race.

We had a total of 88 competitors who we have recorded a time for and I extend my congratulations to all, having pushed my body up the hill in years past, I know how difficult it is.

The overall winner was Chunky Liston who whilst he didn’t break his own record once again produced a fabulous time of 19minutes and 32 seconds. As always the veterans and ladies pushed hard and in the first 10 runners down the hill, 4 were vets and 2 were ladies. The Juniors gave some great performances with a lot of competition from locals and visitors alike, and it was great to see Gabriel (age 13) putting in a fine performance to win and keep the trophy in local hands.   

We had representatives from 11 separate countries with a large contingent of the Clan Matheson and I hope they enjoyed their experience at the “Friendly Games.”    


Heavy Event Results 2014

Open Shot              

1st  Murray Gunn  42ft 8in

2nd Alasdair Gunn

3rd Roy Valentine

4th Peter Hart 

Open Heavy Shot             

1st  Murray Gunn  36ft 5in

2nd Roy Valentine

3rd Alasdair Gunn

4th Peter Hart 

Local Shot

1st Ross Brown 28ft 8"

2nd Steve Patch

3rd Ian Macgillvary

Open Heavy Hammer                      

1st  Roy Valentine 93ft 11in

2nd Alasdair Gunn

3rd Murray Gunn

4th Peter Hart 

Open Hammer                      

1st  Roy Valentine 111ft 9.5in

2nd Alasdair Gunn

3rd Murray Gunn

4th Peter Hart

Open Weight for Distance                        

1st  Murray Gunn 65ft 11in

2nd Peter Hart

3rd Alasdair Gunn

4th Roy Valentine

Open Heavy Weight for Distance                        

1st  Peter Hart 33ft 9in

2nd Murray Gunn

3rd Alasdair Gunn

4th Roy Valentine

British Championship Weight for Height                    

1st Peter Hart 13ft 6in

2nd Roy Valentine

3rd Murray Gunn

4th Alasdair Gunn


1st Murray Gunn

2nd Alasdair Gunn

3rd Peter Hart

4th Roy Valentine












(GR) indicates a Ground Record

Track Event Results 2014


Open 100 Metres

1st Antony Daffurn 11.6sec

2nd  Iain Macgillvary

3rd  Ewan Bradley

Open 200 Metres

1st Antony Daffurn  24.2sec

2nd  Iain Macgillvary

3rd  Finlay Murray

4th Ian Goghill

Open 400 Metres

1st   Finlay Murray 54.4sec

2nd  Iain Macgillvary

3rd  Ewan Bradley

Open 800 Metres (British Championship) 

1st  Finlay Murray 2.07 (GR)

2nd   Iain Macgillvary

3rd  Engels Vincent

4th Ewan Bradley

4 x 100 Metres

1st Ewan Bradley Team

2nd Team Alex

3rd Eilidhs Hen 1

4th SAS Ireland

Ladies 100 Metres

1st Rebecca Brien 14.7

2nd Iona Harper Reynoldson

3rd Morag McClelland

Ine Mortier

Ladies 400 Metres

1st Iona Crawford 1:08

2nd Rebecca Brien

3rd Morag McClelland

4th Eiilsh McKechanie

1600 Metres Open

1st  Finlay Murray 5:01

2nd Cameron MacDonald

3rd  Iain Macgillvary

4th Rod Fleming

Open Long Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 21ft (GR)

2nd Simon Parsons

3rd Ian Coghill

4th Ewan Bradley

Open High Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 1.83m (GR)

2nd Ian Coghill

3rd Ewan Bradley

4th Donald Bradley

Open Triple Jump

1st Antony Daffurn 13.75

2nd Iain Macgillvary

3rd Ewan Bradley

4th Cecile Riblet

Open Hill Race

Veterans Hill Race

Ladies Hill Race

Junior Hill Race